Featured Artists: Casey Williamson and Chris McMahon

By: Library Staff August 4, 2022

Chris McMahon ARTIST BIO “Chris McMahon started drawing weird monsters and various comic book characters when he was just a kid. He then went to the University of Iowa, branching out into painting and sculpture, taking his skills to another level. Eventually, McMahon wound up teaching high school art. Throughout all of this, however, his…

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Protests & Panels: A Librarian Goes to Washington

By: Library Staff July 22, 2022

Protests & Panels: A Librarian Goes to Washington by Kellee Forkenbrock   I was a ball of nerves on my way to Washington, D.C. to attend the American Library Association’s (ALA) Annual Conference for the first time, but I knew I deserved to be there among the thousands of attendees. Even if I didn’t know…

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Pollinator Garden Abuzz with Bees!

By: Library Staff July 12, 2022

The library is excited to welcome a new pollinator to our raised bed gardens. You will notice that the raised bed gardens are abuzz with bees. These busy bees are leafcutter bees and considered a non-aggressive or a “kind” solitary species of bee. The name leafcutter is really a nickname for these gentle bees. Their nickname…

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‘Stories from Ukraine’

By: Library Staff June 10, 2022

Area libraries partner with City of Literature for ‘Stories from Ukraine’ project The “Stories from Ukraine” project is a series of videos that offers a chance to better understand Ukraine, its culture, and its people. The project is a collaboration among the Lviv Public Libraries, the Lviv UNESCO City of Literature, Ukraїner, and the Ukrainian Library Association.…

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Featured Artist: Kimberly Fuller

By: Library Staff June 6, 2022

ARTIST BIO   “Come get Twisted… My name is Kimberly Fuller.  I operate Twisted Hurricane Studio out of my home in rural Iowa. I have been drawing, writing, painting, you name it, since the moment I could pick up a pencil or a brush. Art and creativity is a huge part of who I am.…

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Flamingo Flocking FUNdraiser 2022

By: Library Staff April 22, 2022

You’ve been flocked now what? Don’t worry this is a fundraiser supporting the North Liberty Library. This flocking was done in good spirits and is not meant to be mean. The flamingos will roost on your lawn until this evening when they will mysteriously migrate to another North Liberty lawn. For a $40 contribution you…

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Lighthouse in the Library: What’s Your CQ?

By: Library Staff April 13, 2022

Lighthouse in the Library is a conversation series giving space and dialogue to North Liberty residents to speak on important community issues in a town-hall style setting. The fourth event of this series, a workshop called “What’s Your CQ?”, will occur on Thursday, May 12 at 5 p.m. In this session, CQ Certified Facilitator Chuy Renteria…

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Featured Artist: Sara Rieger

By: Library Staff April 12, 2022

ARTIST BIO “I am a visual artist and educator. I received my BFA in painting and drawing from ISU, and my MFA in Book Arts from the University of Iowa Center for the Book. I currently teach art at Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids. I am interested in the concept of play and how randomness and…

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Booked Up Craft Kit

By: Library Staff March 31, 2022

DIY Wooden Tassel Bookmark The DIY Wooden Tassel Bookmark kit will be available in the library while supplies last starting Thursday, April 7. Provided: Wooden bookmark Yarn and ribbon Wood bead Paperclip Directions: Lay out assorted yarn and ribbon so that they all line up equally. This is also the time to pull out any…

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March Book Madness 2022

By: Library Staff March 14, 2022

A Battle of 2022 Book Club Favorites ABOUT Which book will have what it takes to win this literary challenge? Each week, vote for your favorite titles. May the best book win! HOW DOES IT WORK? Voting begins March 14th, with your votes deciding which books advance in each round. This year’s theme is Book…

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