Featured Artist: Melissa Collins By: Dani Grandinetti July 5, 2024

Melissa Collins


Melissa Marie Collins is an artist born and raised in Whittier, Iowa. She currently lives and teaches out of her home studio in Cedar Rapids. One may call her a Jill of all Crafts; she is consistently interested in expanding her skills in art, sewing, crafting, and surface design.

This display is a combination of collage, oil painting, acrylics, and sewing.

The collage collection was created with the acknowledgment of a hard winter, 2023 — 2024, and the feeling of “Holding It Together.” Acrylic paint was swooped onto paper, torn into pieces, and then stitched or glued back together, mounted onto canvas. Within it is a discussion about grief, life in the hard, and the hope of the future coming.

The oil paintings are a combination of current work Crimson Swirls, Crimson Waves, and Healing Tree, as well as older pieces Self Portrait and She Flows. From the beginning of her experience of working with oil paints during a painting course in college, 1997, she has loved the smooth feeling of pulling oils across a canvas. The experience is unlike any other artistic medium.

The display case holds a mix of fabric designed for Windham Fabric and items sewn with it. Included are art quilts and other pieces she has created over the years. Melissa began her journey into creating stuffies in 2019 and delights in the cuteness they embody. From dolls to animals, they are simply a joy to make and hold.

Would you like to stay in the know of what Melissa is up to? She sends out a monthly
studio email and you are welcome to join. With each edition she includes free coloring
pages, along with studio updates.

Etsy shop: ArtistMMC
Instagram/Facebook/Tiktok: Melissa Marie Collins

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