Featured Artist: Denise Murphy By: Dani Grandinetti May 2, 2024

Denise Murphy


Denise Murphy started Alcohol Inks Painting in 2015 at the prompting of a fellow artist. She enjoys the vibrancy of the medium and allowing the medium to flow freely. She is always experimenting with new techniques with this medium and stretching the viewer’s imagination. Creating textures and the illusion of 3D in a 2D space continue to inspire her.

One of Denise’s most recent accomplishments was being featured on the cover of Artrepreneur Volume I, an international artist book with artists from all over the world.

Denise also won an award at this year’s Art Array 2024 at the Muscatine Art Center. That show is on display through June 2. She has two 30 x 40” alcohol ink pieces on display there.

Showcase Artwork at the Library

If you are a local artist interested in showcasing your artwork at the library contact Kellee by calling the library at (319)626-5701 or by email at

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