Delivering Literacy

Our Stork Storytime initiative (formerly called Womb Literacy) encourages expecting families to develop a daily reading routine before baby and chaos arrive. Learning about early literacy skills and how children learn those skills enables new and expecting parents to be  confident as their child’s first teacher. Benefits include developing a bond between parent and child, encouraging a love of reading and starting a child’s lifelong learning journey, from the very beginning. Just as it’s never too late to learn literacy skills and a love for lifelong learning, it’s never too early either.

Stork Storytime


Register in the library TODAY! Log 100 “read alouds” before baby arrives. Develop a reading routine from the very beginning and earn some great prizes along the way.

Stork Storytime


Check out our monthly podcast! Listen when it’s convenient for you and learn about early literacy as well as other topics to help you be more confident as your child’s first teacher. Link below from our website or access via SoundCloud or iTunes.


Stork Storytime


Check out our annual Stork Storytime EXPO (formerly Baby Fair) to visit with local non-profits and businesses about all things BABY! Children are invited to participate in free screenings and mini programs too.

2019 EXPO

Stork Storytime

Delivering Literacy

The Stork Storytime initiative is a completely new and original approach that delivers literacy by focusing on the expecting family. This expecting family education initiative encourages the development of a daily reading routine before baby (and chaos) arrives. It offers expecting parents and caregivers opportunities to learn about early literacy skills and connect with resources in their communities, empowering them to be more confident in their roles as a child’s first teachers, right from the very beginning.

The North Liberty Community Library has created the Stork Storytime Reads Librarian Toolkit to assist libraries in delivering the Reads program to their communities. Developing new programs take time, staff and money. Libraries are constantly working within these limited resources, so using this toolkit will enable libraries of any size to offer this programming.

Please use the following statement in all promotion of the project: “The Stork Storytime initiative was created by Jennifer Jordebrek and developed in collaboration with the North Liberty Community Library.”

GuidePrint MaterialsLogos

The downloads include a guide to help libraries implementing the program, printable materials you can customize for your library and logos for the program, free to use.