Letter Writing Kit By: Library Staff February 22, 2021

Bonus YLAH Kit: Letter Writing

Letters keep you in touch with faraway friends and family and are more special than sending an email or text message.

Included in your kit:

  • Letter writing prompts and ideas
  • Letter stamps and postcard stamps
  • Postcard size cardstock
  • Paper for writing on

Additional supplies needed:

  • Pencil or pen
  • Markers/crayons for decorating (optional)
  • Someone to write to!

1. Choose someone to send a letter or postcard to.
2. Write your letter or postcard.
3. Address, add stamp, and place in the mail.

1. Share about something you did this week
2. Share about a current read
3. Draw a picture
4. Tell a joke
5. Talk about something you want to do the next time we get together…
6. Ask a question… Would you rather eat a cheeseburger or pizza? How are you?