Artist Showcase: Liona Rocca By: Library Staff October 13, 2021

Liona Rocca

Liona Rocca is a Junior at Solon High School. She writes:

“I have found a love of calling out the inner hero in people through my comic style portraiture in digital art, water color, and mixed media. I spend hours sketching, practicing compositions, body poses and working with color theory principles to create original characters from every day photos.

Commission works begin with a series of questions about favorite colors, dream super power and favorite super hero attire. With this information and a photo I will sketch and thoughtfully create my interpretation for your original character.

In addition to original characters, I also enjoy individual and family portraits in my personal comic style.

Digital works can be reproduced onto many items; canvas, prints, blankets, placemats, water bottles, puzzles and more.”

You can follow Liona on Instagram @capt.lrock

Showcase Artwork at the Library

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